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Outreach Talks


  • Invited by Singularity, the astronomy club of IISER Kolkata on "The Epoch of Reionization: Unveiling the
    Origin Story of Stars, Galaxies, and More!".

  • Invited by SciAstra for a live Q&A session with high‑school students from across India on careers in astronomy research.

  • Invited by the Chandigarh University Astronomy Club to deliver lectures on "Cosmological Simulations & Structure Formation" for undergraduate STEM students as a part of a month‑long astrophysics crash course.


  • Invited by Taraansh, the astronomy club of  YCCE, Nagpur, India to engineering undergraduates on "Machine Learning in Astrophysics".


  • Invited by the Dean of International Relations and Outreach of IISER Mohali to have an interactive session with first-year undergraduates and provide broad advice about going into research.

  • Invited by the Astronomy Club of IISER Mohali to give a talk in-person (along with live-streaming) on the "Epoch of Reionisation" geared towards undergraduates.

  • Invited by Aakashganga, the Astronomy Club of IISER Pune, India to give a talk on the "Epoch of Reionisation" over Zoom, geared towards undergraduates.

  • Gave an interview for a podcast (Luminosity Podcast series) about my academic career at IISER Mohali and subsequently applying for a PhD.


  • Invited by the Student Development Council (SDC) of IISER Bhopal, as a panellist to advise undergraduate students applying to the DAAD WISE program for internships in Germany.

  • Interviewed astronomer Dr. Mayuri S. Rao (RRI) about transitioning from engineering to astronomy, and careers beyond the PhD.

  • Invited by the Sigma Xi Research Society of VIT to give a talk on "Pursuing a career in Research" followed by an interactive session with the undergraduates of the university <video>.

  • Invited on panel discussions (for applying to Europe and to the US) organised by the graduating batch (2016-21) of IISER Mohali, to assist undergraduates of the college to apply for PhD positions.

  • Invited by DAAD India as a panelist for the WISE Virtual Summer Academy's panel discussion to address the questions of undergraduate WISE (Working Internships in Science and Engineering) interns about the path ahead, especially if they are interested to continue in research.

  • Invited by the Astro Club of IISER Mohali to give an informal talk on my Master's thesis research and about the field of X-ray Astronomy in general <video>.

  • Invited by the Heeel Foundation to give a talk on "Research as a Career choice" for girl students from public schools of the state of Uttarakhand, India. I also worked on teaching them basic scientific terms and jargon they may encounter in English via an interactive session.

2020 & Earlier

  • Citizens of Science's Astro Wing organised a virtual panel discussion (video) for engineering graduates interested to shift to a career in astronomy research. As a panelist, I advised them on the options and opportunities they can pursue.

  • The Astro Club of IISER Mohali organised an Internship Webinar Series for undergraduate students of my university, where I gave the first virtual talk (video) on CV design, applying for internship positions and the importance of networking as young researchers.

  • Invited by the Astro Club of IISER Mohali to give a talk about the DAAD WISE programme and about internship opportunities in astrophysics in Germany to college undergraduates.

  • At IIT Kharagpur, Bhubaneswar Extension Centre, gave an invited talk on “Basic Science Research and Why It Matters” (video), at Science Movement 2017 to a target audience of meritorious high school students.

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